Hi there! I’ve tried to surround Myself with Beauty.

I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Katie, I’m the owner and head designer at Tapestry Floral. I love flowers, but my true passion is making and giving flowers to others. I believe flowers have the ability to draw out our deepest and most beautiful emotions, whatever they may be.

I have been a florist since 2016. During that time I have done full weddings, smaller events, flowers for editorial shoots, and daily arrangements and deliveries. I have been formally trained, however, I am continually seeking out new techniques and styles.

I currently live in Cottonwood Heights with my husband, son, and our dog, Marty McFly.




I had the unusual privilege to travel widely as a child. My parents always encouraged me to embrace anything and everything that could enrich my life. I fell in love at an early age with Medieval textile arts. I could “read” an entire history just by looking at the images woven into the fabric. I was inspired even as a little girl by the striking images I saw there.


Tapestry Floral is inspired by my childhood dream to seek out as much beauty as possible in this life. I drew our logo from one of the tapestries I had the honor of loving as a child, The Lady, and the Unicorn.

The stylized flowers in Medieval tapestries inspire my floral designs today. I try to mimic their organic and natural shapes in my work. I enjoy sourcing unique material and heirloom varieties from local growers. I love to highlight flowers’ natural beauty by giving them space to shine and allowing their natural shapes to guide me to the final product. I hope to find you on my journey to share the natural charm and beauty of flowers!